Page One

Page one is located on the ground floor of the heritage designated, 100 year old Merchandise Building. The cafe / bar / event space transcends traditional business models and in such represented a unique design challenge: to be a comfortable work enviroment during the day and a casual bar and music desintation at night.

Constantly transforming requires a space that is malleable. Page one is designed to be reconfigured to suit its daily changing program. A removable glass half wall can be removed and stored to create a stage. The work table  / dinging table in the front entry was designed to host outlets for laptops during the work day while at night the outlets are concealed and replaced with a serving tray. A Modular shelving system in the front can be rearranged to suitvitens for exhibition.

Siginifigant attention was given to exposing / maintaining / utilizing the existing elements of the space such as the century old elephant columns.

AFA provided furniture design services, Interior Design Services, branding and signage Design Services.