Architecture for All is a full service architecture & design firm licensed in Ontario. Our practice is based on our belief that architecture is a collaborative, client based & project specific endeavor. We pride ourselves on offering innovative design methods, sustainable strategies and new forms of visualization to our clients.

AFA is one of the first firms in Ontario to be led by a CanPhi certified passivhaus Architect possessing expert knowledge in sustainable design practices and detailing. Our commitment to & knowledge of sustainable practices are woven into our design process. This allows us to provide developers and clients with industry unique planning and design services based on cutting edge 3D modeling analysis of wind, sunlight, and mechanical systems. Our sustainable design practices combined with innovative design ideas surrounding residential, commercial, and mixed use forms create projects of lasting quality, maximum usability, formal complexity and functional elegance. Our process has attracted work from some of Toronto’s leading and largest developers while creating better built experiences for users and their communities.  We are passionate about design, participating in design education & international workshops. This commitment lends us the ability to show our clients the latest innovations, the latest fabrication techniques & cutting edge strategies. 

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Architecture for All


Rikki Papa OAA, canphi
M.arch, B.arch.s

Rikki Papa is an award-winning architect, Passivhaus Professional & founding principal of Architecture for All. He received his B.Arch.S from the Azrieli School of Architecture, and his M.Arch from The Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. 

Rikki has worked on a broad range of project types including residential, commercial, institutional, urban planning & infrastructure. His major projects include the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Downsview Park Aerospace Campus, Krembil Discovery Centre at Western Toronto Hospital, Mount Sinai Renewal Project, Toronto Police Service Division 11, University of Saskatchewan Graduate House, CentrePoint Tower in Winnipeg, Ironworkers Local 721 Union Hall & Training Facility. He has worked at firms large and small, on projects with construction values ranging from $0.00001 billion to $1 billion of all project delivery types. Rikki is an expert in industry technique, visualization & is the former head of fabrication for Stantec Architects Ltd.  

Rikki’s architectural expertise is complimented by his experience in new sales marketing and his extensive real estate market knowledge. Applying market condition data & market informed suite layout knowledge to projects has created value for developers and broadened the architects traditional scope by including AFA earlier in the planning process and well into sales.

In 2015 Rikki established Architecture for All. The practice was founded on the belief that architecture is a collaborative, community based endeavor. Its research is focused on emerging residential and commercial forms such as co-work and co-housing models and their creation of new social and formal conditions within the city.